NEJE Master 2S Max Laser Engraver / Cutter with F30130 Laser Module - 460 X 810 MM - laserGRBL - lightburn - bluetooth - APP Control

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sku: NEJE00241 (US)

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- 【810 x 460 mm】 large engraving area. 6133 x 10800 px, Engraving accuracy: 0.075mm Dot pitch, 339 dot/inch. The whole machine is tested and shipped, and only 6 screws are required to complete the installation.

- 【Advanced laser module】 Fixed focus mode, you can focus directly through a 5mm spacer. Short focal length, can directly engrave stainless steel. With NEJE MF14 air-assisted kit, it can easily cut 4mm plywood once; the perfect structure design can block 95% of the light , Very portable to use. Built-in fast intelligent drive, temperature feedback can be timely, and intelligently adjust fan heat dissipation. Safe and quiet to use. 

- 【More materials and more clear】 Wood, MDF, leather, paper, cotton, etc. are all supported, 4mm plywood only needs to be cut once with air asist, the cut is very clean. Direct engraving of stainless steel. Glass, transparent acrylic and other materials can be engraved in a certain way.

- 【Portable professional control software】 32-bit control system, the fastest speed reaches 1000mm/s, supports LaserGRBL, Lightburn, NEJE software, NEJE APP (Android, iOS, ipadOS, macOS). 

- 【Perfect after-sales service】 free 2-year warranty for the whole machine ( laser module: 2 years 20,000 hours warranty ), and 24 hours shipment of vulnerable parts worldwide.

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