NEJE 3 Max Replace Mainboard For NEJE 3 Max, NEJE 2S Max Laser Engraver & Cutter - NEJE Software + NEJE APP + LaserGRBL + Lightburn

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The latest version(v1.1.0 and above), supports 24V

At the same time, it supports NEJE software, NEJE APP, LaserGRBL, Lightburn;

Compared with NEJE 2s MAX, the operating experience is greatly optimized, the low-light display of laserGRBL and lightburn in GRBL mode is increased, and the low-light intensity can be adjusted through laserGRBL;

The machine is powered on Afterwards, the motor will be automatically locked, so that the work can be operated twice after operation without repositioning; the interactive experience has been optimized, and the interactive communication with laserGRBL and lightburn software has been optimized;

BLE-based wireless control, supports NEJE APP wireless control;

Support NEJE 2S The replacement of the mainboard of the max device only adjusts the position of the YL and YR motor sockets;

More abundant functions are: added M8, M7, Door functions, and all are compatible with NEJE software, laserGRBL, Lightburn, M8 generally achieve air-assisted Automatic control, so as to realize the dynamic control of each process of the work; M7 function is generally used to realize smoke control; Door function can only be stopped due to the problem of the message mechanism of the lightburn software, but can be suspended in NEJE mode or LaserGRBL mode , after canceling the door, you can continue to work without losing the work; NEJE provides M8, M7, Door function expansion accessories, including air valve switch and relay switch, you can use these accessories to realize the air compressor air circuit, smoke exhaust fan circuit , automatic control of the oxygen machine circuit;

The new NEJE V6.1.1 software supports area expansion, you can simply modify the length of the track to achieve area expansion, NEJE also provides the option of extended track;

Built-in sensor protection, currently in NEJE mode, when the machine angle changes, the device will automatically stop working;

The top 32-bit processor has replaced the previous two The chip processing solution is more reliable, support OTA upgrade in NEJE mode, NEJE continuously upgrades software and firmware Provide more surprising and useful interesting features;

Packing List:

Replace Mainboard x 1

Wire harness x 1

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