NEJE R5 Individual A-axis Rotary Module for NEJE Laser Engraver

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Suitable for objects diameter within 95mm.

NEJE Rotary Installation Guidelines:

Note: if you make an error in setting the operating parameters during the following operation process, don't worry. You can use NEJE software to refresh the firmware and restore to the original parameter mode. For safety reasons, it is recommended that you operate without installing the laser and start the laser after setting it up. The NEJE rotary shaft is a multifunctional, high-precision, and easy to operate synchronous wheel that is compatible with NEJE series devices. The rotary shaft is equipped with an external drive and is easily compatible with the new NEJE 3 and NEJE 3 Plus 5pin Z-axis expansion interface, NEJE Max4 5pin A-axis expansion interface, and the upcoming NEJE 3Max-V2 5pin A-axis expansion interface through a 5pin compatible interface; At the same time, the rotation axis can be directly connected to the motor, and the Y-axis can be changed to be compatible with older NEJE devices, such as NEJE 2 and NEJE 2s series devices.

Rotary Tutorials

Rotary Tutorial Wiki
Rotary Tutorial Video
NEJE Rotary is independtly controlled,which is applicable to NEJE Max 4,NEJE Max 3,NEJE Max 3 V2,NEJE 3,NEJE 3 Plus.
This industrial kit is a great helper if you want to engrave on some cylindrical items like Vacuum cup,Tumbler,Mug,Baseball,Vase Etc




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Whether you use wood, acrylic, metal, canvas, slate, glass, etc. Used for engraving, cutting, 2D patterns, 3D patterns, or cylindrical objects. NEJE Tools can provide different styles of laser engraving machines to meet all your needs.