NEJE laser engraver & cutter

neje master 2s neje master 2s plus neje master 2s max

Easy installation , It only needs to install 6 screws to complete the assembly.
Convenient, Support APP wireless engraving, And 100% adapt to lightburn and LaserGRBL software.
Large area, 810x460mm working area.
Advanced and intelligent NEJE series modules,
THE A40640 40W fiber 2 x Laser diode module with FAC tech is the most powerful desktop laser cutting module, The optical power reaches 13-15W and the cutting ability has been solved by professional CO2 laser cutting machine.
More Smoother and faster,New 32-bit processor and 3 motor drives, the speed is 50% higher than stm32, can withstand heavier X-axis.
Safty Control, Built-in MEMS, roll protection.
Accuracy and Reliability, Point distance is 0.075mm. The composite sheet structure processed by CNC with high precision has better accuracy and reliability than laser-cut acrylic and stamped steel plates.