NEJE master 2 / 2s / 3 plus, mix, max laser engraver, laser cutter, laser cnc, wood router

- large aera plus(255x440mm) / max(460x810mm)       

- Professional ( GRBL1.1F) work with laserGRBL and lighburn

- Easy use ( NEJE Software support: NEJE win software, macOS software, android APP, iOS APP, ipadOS APP, macOS APP)       

- safe ( buit in MEMS Roll protection) 

- Reliable ( CNC review material structure, invariability and more reliable)

- Smart and Quiet ( The module has a built-in intelligent program, which can intelligently control the laser and fan status according to the temperature and working status )

- Compatible with all 4pin modules, including: 3500mw 405nm module, 7W engraving module, 20W zoom module, 30W module, 40W module.