NEJE AF6 CNC metal air nozzle for NEJE A40640 Laser Module - High Pressure - Max 1.5Mpa

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Specially designed for NEJE A40640 module, portable and reliable high pressure air nozzle, compatible with different focal lengths, rotating lens can have perfect auxiliary engraving and cutting effect at different focal positions, compatible with A40640 modules of different versions of lenses.

Packing list:

Air nozzle (including 4mm-M5 air tube adapter, 4mm outside diameter) x 1
Silicone rubber ring x 1
high strength screw x 4


    Question: How do you adjust the lense?

    Answer: Just take the air assist module off the laser module, turn your lens, and reinstall the air assist onto the laser module.
    As simple as that 🙂


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