NEJE E80 Fixed-Focus Laser Module for Cutting and Carving - New Laser System - Hybrid Technology

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Hybrid compression technology makes the focal point of NEJE E80 0.06x0.06mm, and the power density reaches 6666W/mm², Compared with *tool 40W module,power density:5000W/mm² (0.8x0.1mm,8xLD,Current highest power) , the performance of E80 is 35% higher than the 40W module. Due to the extremely strong power density and optical design, NEJE E80 has more excellent performance when the power is halved. Compared with other 20W modules, NEJE E80 has great advantages in terms of lifespan and performance.The E80 is a 4xLD module designed primarily for large stock removal and powerful cuts, yes it's a cute and rough guy, powerful but attention to detail. HYBRID Technology (Non-Destructive FAC and Combined Compression Laser System Technology) let the performance of E80 is much better than that of similar 20W and 40W laser modules, with smaller focus, smaller angle, XY symmetry, and differences in laser systems, which can bring a completely different experience, not easy to catch fire and cleaner edges , it can even cut high density materials without air assist, for cutting thick wood, this module may be revolutionary. E80 has very reliable stable performance and longevity at the same time, the service life is longer than Ordinary 20W modules are 50% higher, material process selection, thermal calculation and testing, NEJE has experienced 3 years of reliable verification testing and 10 years of manufacturing experience, summed up the design experience of diode lasers to create a reliable E80. NEJE summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of various optical system design methods. After 3 years of research, a perfect 20W laser system with complex and unique technology is finally adopted. The new laser system adopts external FAC and lens compression composite technology. The complexity is more than 3 times higher than that of ordinary 20W modules, so it has better optical characteristics than ordinary 20W lasers. X and Y have good symmetry in each focal length, and the focal energy density is 400% higher than ordinary 20W modules. , the divergence angle is reduced by 50%; and these can bring about cleaner cutting edges, faster cutting efficiency, not easy to catch fire, smaller smoke, more durable and reliable service life, and more comfortable experience. NEJE pursues perfect products and insists on 2 years of free warranty and establishment of a complete after-sales process. In order to maintain the goal of user value, we postponed the release of 20W-level new products for 2 years, but for the goal pursued by NEJE, we should insist on making a perfect module. You can start booking now, NEJE fans. NEJE will release more videos to beginners. In fact, we only released a short test video, which can explain many things. The symmetry of XY, the focus power density, and the divergence angle. This is to complete the cutting of medium density plates without the assistance of home air. If the 20W modules of other families are tested, most of them are directly on fire, which is the difference.


Optical Power: Pulse 24W, CW 21W
Focus Size: 0.06×0.06mm
Input: 24V 5A
Interface: 4pin PH2.0 + ( 2pin DC 24V extra power)
Weight: 600g
Number of Diodes: 4 PWM
Input: VPP(3.3-24V), Recomend 1KHz, Quiet
Design: Drive the built-in control ic, judge the working state and adjust the fan work
Adapter Pluga: 5.5 2.1 port
Working Voltage: DC 24V TTL&PWM
Modulation: YES.
Compatible with Both TTL & PWM
Modulation Input Interface: PH2.0-4Pin (+,-, PWM/TTL, Temperature), 3Pin (+,-, PWM/TTL) , 2Pin+2Pin (+,-) + (PWM/TTL,-)
Warranty: 2 Years(If the laser module works 8 hours per day,the lifespan will be 7 years)

Warranty Statement: Under appropriate working conditions,the service life can reach 5 years,meanwhile,the power is about 70%. Please pay attention to moisture-proof and dust-proof treatment. Make sure the air goes into the module without water and oil.The len needs to be cleaned regularly. The lens does not belong to the free warranty. The NEJE's free after-sale policy must meet the conditions of non-human disassembly and misoperation and use under the correct conditions. For more details please check in NEJE wiki web

Design Concept

NEJE E80 takes the pursuit of high life and absolute performance as the design concept, and chooses the most difficult manufacturing scheme. We believe that the life and performance of the module is the real value of the user to buy the E80 module, which makes the E80 have no advantage in power. The reason for stronger performance than other 6xLD and 8xLD; we did not choose 8xLD or 6xLD to release new products relatively quickly for marketing gimmicks. Destroying the original LD ​​structure and reflective structure scheme can quickly manufacture new products, which may quickly win users. But this is against the values ​​of the NEJE team.

The safety consideration of the high-power model is also a special emphasis of the NEJE team. The high-power model is particularly easy to burn during operation. It eliminates the need to optimize the focus and angle during the design process. NEJE Max 4 electric Z-axis control can be better. Safe control of high-power modules.


It adopts a unique solution that does not damage the original LD optical structure, retains the reliability and durability of the original LD, and has a service life up to 10 times longer than all other 20W output laser modules and CO2 modules. The production process of the E80 module is more complex, and currently only the NEJE team has completed batch manufacturing. It has a longer lifespan. Each module has an original SN registration number, and users can register SN registration information to enjoy after-sales protection of no less than 70% attenuation for up to 2 years. NEJE E80 has great advantages in terms of lifespan.

Hybrid compression technology makes the focal point of NEJE E80 0.06x0.06mm, the symmetrical XY shape make it achieve the ultimate in carving and cutting performance and the power density reaches 6666W/mm², Compared with 40W(output) module,power density:1777W/mm² (0.15x0.15mm,8xLD,Current highest power) , the performance of E80 is more higher than the 40W module. Due to the extremely strong power density and optical design (symmetrical XY shape), NEJE E80 has more excellent performance.


17mm pine board, 300mm/min, 2.5 pass

The E80 has extremely strong optical quality, which is reflected in the good symmetry and minimal focus of XY, which leads to more efficient cutting. Even though the NEJE E80 only has half the power of 40W, its efficiency is twice that of 40W. Does this overturn your understanding.

AttentionIf you pay attention to the development of lasers, you will find that almost all YouTube channels are filled with videos of high-power module fires, which are still being marketed continuously From the 20W-40W laser module, if you do not understand the optical characteristics of a module, you do not understand the operation, which means that purchasing and using it will bring you potential hazards.


The ignition of high-power modules is a safety issue that cannot be ignored, and how to safely control high-power modules is a topic worth in-depth understanding Manufacturing a truly safe module is the bottom line for NEJE to launch new products.

Due to the large focus and angle, the cutting process is prone to ignition and poses an unsafe hazard The NEJE E80 utilizes internal dual compression technology to control the focus and angle to the extreme, and through Z-axis linkage, verticality and efficiency are significantly improved.

How to distinguish the internal optical processing method with the naked eye? E80 only has 2 beams of light hitting the wall, while the other 20W has 4 beams. After a single overlap, the angle and focus will be repeatedly compressed to a smaller size.


Design DifferenceNEJE E80 4xLD Other 6xLD Other 8xLD
Light source Nichia original top LD, Collimating light source Remove the LD protective cover and re-seal the LD, Divergent Remove the LD protective cover and re-seal the LD, Divergent
Light path Array lens compression Reflective focus(The reflective angle is very large,can't get small focus, and the material is particularly easy to catch fire) Reflective focus(The reflective angle is very large,can't get small focus, and the material is particularly easy to catch fire)
Light source life20000 hour2000 hour2000 hour
Thermally conductive materialRed copperAluminumAluminum
Working hours limit Unlimited Continuous work fast decay Continuous work fast decay
Fan Status Control Engraving and light cutting status Low speed (quiet), high speed for continuous cutting No No
Temperature feedback Yes NoNo
Quality Tracking 2-year standard after-sales service process, commodity ID registration systemNoNo
Focus size 0.06x0.06 0.15x0.15 0.15x0.15
X:Y Angle X = Y X ≠ Y X ≠ Y
17mm pine board cutting speed 2.5 pass,100%,300mm/min 6pass,100%,300mm/min 5pass,100%,300mm/min
Engraving speed(canvas) > 24000mm/s < 24000mm/s <24000mm/s

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