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NEJE Team focuses on diode laser machines, laser modules, accessories, services, and solutions.
We provide artists, merchants, handicraft enthusiasts, and educational institutions with more creative, high-quality, and efficient art tools.
Since 2013,NEJE Tools have been sold to over 100 countries and areas,served over 1 million users in the world with five-star customer feedback. Being the most widely used diode laser tools,NEJE is the only company who has been fully developed and manufactured independently.

Whether you use wood, acrylic, metal, canvas, slate, glass, etc. Used for engraving, cutting, 2D patterns, 3D patterns, or cylindrical objects. NEJE Tools can provide different styles of laser engraving machines to meet all your needs.

NEJE team has its own optical laboratory and module manufacturing factory, as well as a team of electronic, mechanical, and software engineers. Our engineers and R&D Team focus on the most advanced technology in diode laser and NEJE Tools are high-performing and stable. We design and manufacture top-level optical modules and control equipment, and complete overall testing of product mechanical equipment. The NEJE team has built a complete service system to provide users with comprehensive product and service guarantees.


NEJE already produced and manufactured a series of modules from B30635 to E80. NEJE researches and develops various optical characteristic modules to make the engraving and cutting process more precise and professional. Ten years of technological accumulation have enabled Neje to maintain a leading position in the practicality and safety of Diode Laser. NEJE adheres to long lifespan and high performance in diode laser design. Long Lifespan and stable performance are the most prominent values of NEJE laser modules. Each NEJE laser module has a guaranteed registration ID, which ensures two years of free After-Sales Service worldwide.

Wireless control

After 10 years of software development, the NEJE team has seamlessly integrated the characteristics of Diode Laser with mechanical and third-party software. The NEJE R&D team has developed a reliable BLE wireless control system, and with the help of NEJE APP, NEJE Win Software, and NEJE Software Bridge, it has achieved wireless real-time control of devices using laserGRBL and lightburn software. Greatly improving operational efficiency, portability, and user experience.

Fully automatic control

NEJE team delves into the problems encountered during the process of using diode laser for artwork creation and carefully listens to the artist's suggestions. Based on the characteristics of Diode laser, the NEJE R&D team has developed a complete set of automated control systems, including automatic air assist, multi-layer focus automatic setting, automatic smoke exhaust function, safety system settings, and other functions.


Under the demand of mass production, NEJE software has implemented wireless offline control function,which is easy to operate. This easily enables one computer to simultaneously control countless NEJE devices of different models, helping you save a lot of computer investment, time, and labor costs.


NEJE team has been continuously listening to user feedback and opinions over the past decade, optimizing the product experience and enhancing software functionality. NEJE will provide software and firmware upgrade services to global users.



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