More Clearly See the Small Details! NEJE continues to develop new laser modules and air assist kits to increase support for various new processes. leather

The above pictures are provided by NEJE customers. The effects of glass, transparent acrylic, stainless steel, and ceramics need to be combined with other processes to achieve.


Offline control, Multi-function buttons can directly print the files stored in the control panel.
APP control, Through NEJE APP, including Android APP, iOS APP, ipadOS APP, macOS APP; take pictures, download pictures from albums, or download pictures from NEJE cloud service, through automatic Bluetooth connection, it is very portable to complete the creation and carving.
NEJE Software, NEJE is very suitable for novices, using BMP pixel level creation, NEJE can control the enjoyment point 1:1 on the surface of the engraved object, and complete precise positioning.
laserGRBL, NEJE also provides hardware that supports laserGRBL. NEJE optimized firmware adapts to the latest laserGRBL software, which can be 100% compatible. 2s, PLUS, 3C, MAX and other machines will indicate automatic air assist, M8 and M7 commands, and also indicate door Function expansion.
lightburn,NEJE also supports lightburn software, and air-assisted automatic control also points out this software.
More Safty, Built-in MEMS, roll protection.
More faster, NEW 32-bit MCU 50% higher than STM32. The G-code instruction speed is faster, and the theoretical carving speed is faster.
More smoother , New motor driver. High-performance motor drive, motor acceleration is smoother and quieter.
More quieter, NEJE optimizes the motor acceleration algorithm, uses the sensor to identify the temperature of the laser module and controls the fan speed to achieve a quiet experience.
Atructure accuracy and reliability, Point distance is 0.075mm. The composite sheet structure processed by CNC with high precision has better accuracy and reliability than laser-cut acrylic and stamped steel plates.

Advanced laser technology

1. NEJE engraving module designed with advance optical and heat conduction which was not only brings more excellent engraving and cutting process than ordinary modules, and also achieved a lighter design and stronger performance.

2. As a professional engraving module, NEJE is built-in intelligent drive and temperature recognitionand that adjusting the work status of the fan dynamically to bring a quieter experience.

3. The full series of NEJE engraving modules use temperature sensing to guaranteed performance and functions of each module that will be reliable to process of the NEJE factory. NEJE are proud of our customer care to provide 2 years (20,000 hours) after-sales service.

NEJE modules provide more processes

NEJE provides a series of modules, including the high absorption efficiency 405nm B30635 module, and the lighter weight N30630 module to improve the engraving efficiency. It is also suitable for engraving and cutting the classic N30820, N30820 and N40630 modules. The F30130 fixed focal length is convenient for adding air-assisted cutting. A30830 and A40630 modules with a square spot to enhance the focusing effect, and A40640 modules with a powerful 2x beam; These modules are suitable for NEJE 2s, plus, mix, max machines and other brand 3d printer, cnc router, laser machines;

Various area machines

Whether you're an small business, school, or hobbyist, we have the laser machine to meet your needs. From laser engraving names plates to directional signs to awards, our laser machines are designed to do it all. Take a look at our full product line.

More value for consumers

Pixel-level restoration design

More Clearly See the Small Details, The pixel accuracy of NEJE Machine can be adjusted freely(the default is 338 pixels per inch, about 0.75um of pixel accuracy)to ensure the image quality is delicate and accurate. More advanced is that you can use bmp design software to design each point to the pixel level, and restore it to the surface of the material 1:1 through NEJE positioning accuracy of 0.075mm.

Multi-layer control in one step

The advanced complex processing technology completes the engraving and cutting multi-layer process at one time through the layer setting, and 100% of the lightburn adaptation is completed, and the performance of the control system is even higher than the actual ability of the lightburn software.

Cloud support & Offline control

A new idea can be opened in just 10 seconds without the computer. Store frequently used files directly in the mobile phone, mobile APP file management and constantly updated NEJE cloud picture service, provide more creative inspiration and content materials.

More creative possibilities

you can draw with a pen to take pictures and transmit engraving, take pictures and print directly, and engrave directly through Bluetooth or NEJE cloud transmission.

More solutions

NEJE machines have reserved space for modification when designing. Many customers will add a protective box to the machine or add air-assisted equipment after purchasing the machine. The NEJE team has reserved it when designing the product. Many interfaces make the extended functions work perfectly together to meet customer expectations. NEJE module kit is also compatible with almost all 3D printers and cnc lasers on the market, such as: ender 2, ender 3, outur laser. If you have a wood router cnc device, you can also install a NEJE laser module to enhance your device.


The NEJE team provides accessory support guarantee. During the product warranty period, these possible consumables are basically free.
max board mini board pwm board KZ board
max belt power adapter a6 lens module fan

About US

a.NEJE has independent research and development of the most advanced laser technology process and control system technology advantages
b. Reliable product design and strict quality control capabilities
c. Trustworthy service
1. Warehouse service capabilities all over the world
2. Online software service capability for immediate updates and upgrades, NEJE WIKI Service
3. Technical customer service, NEJE's technical team will always provide you with professional help and resolve service commitments;

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