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The Function of NEJE Software

NEJE software is only suggested to use as a function bridge.For complex engraving and cutting,we suggest you to use Lightburn.
NEJE software is a bridge that makes more Lightburn functions work on NEJE machine.Making the whole working process more convinient and productive.

If the space you work is crowded,you can use NEJE bluetooth function.Then you can take away your laptop from the table and run the machine wirelessly.
Bluetooth function makes your machine look smart and much more advancedVideo


After downloading the NEJE software, you can first set the parameters according to the machine model. When exiting the NEJE software, please remember to switch to GRBL mode.Set-Up Tutorial(video)


NEJE × Lightburn Bluetooth Connection


NEJE × Lightburn/LaserGrbl Offline Work


We are a fucused and sustainable diode laser brand since 2013.
Our engineer team will update new functions for all NEJE users.
Please stay tuned...