NEJE A40640 Zoom Laser Module for Carving and Cutting - 2 x beam - 12W output - Widely Applied

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Module: NEJE A40640
Focus: 0.04x0.06mm
Focus method: adjustable ( Recommend 30-55mm )
Optical power: Pulse 12W+, CW 11W+, Use 80% power (9W+) when cutting for a long time.
Replaceable lens design: Yes, Added window protection lens to extend service life (high temperature resistance of 1000 degrees Celsius)
Stainless steel direct grayscale engraving: Yes
3D hardwood engraving: Yes
Maximum cutting thickness: 20mm
Wavelength: 450nm
Weight: 204g
Module Size: 40x50x85 mm
Input: DC 12V 4A
Interface: 4pin PH2.0 
Compatible with: NEJE 3 Max, NEJE 3 Pro, NEJE 3 Plus, NEJE 2s Max, NEJE 2s Plus, etc...
Power control: PWM Power Modulation
Fan: double ball high life fan
Drive: NEJE smart quiet drive, built-in static elimination technology. 
Surge protection: Yes
Smart feedback: Yes
Temperature feedback: Yes
Temperature control: 45℃
air pump: 0.5-1.5mpa clean air (Needle type air nozzle supports oily and water-containing air source, and sealed air nozzle can only use clean air pump)
Air interface: 4mm pvc trachea
Original registered brand: Yes
Warranty: 2 years
Warranty Statement: The conditions of NEJE's free after-sale policy must be met under the conditions of non-human disassembly and misoperation and use in the correct environment. 
If the wrong voltage is input, or the lens is damaged due to lack of maintenance, it is not within the scope of free after-sale; for maintenance instructions, please refer to NEJE.WIKI

Package list:

  • 1 x NEJE A40640 laser module ( Built-in high-pressure air nozzle )
  • 1 x Laser module height adjuster
  • 1 x 4 pin cable(30cm)
  • 1 x 2pin yellow and black signal line + 3pin input line
  • 1 x NEJE digital PWM temperature test / switch / interface adapter board
  • 1 x NEJE test / switch / interface adapter board
  • 1 x 2.5mm L-shaped wrench
  • 1 x 5mm L-shaped wrench
  • 1 x Tube (4mm x 2m)
  • 1 x connector ( M8 to M4 )

How to choose NEJE Laser Module

B30635 is a module specially designed for wood grayscale images and micro-engraving.

N30820 and N40630 have strong comprehensive capabilities, the optical power is 5.5 - 7.5W output, and the focus is square light spot, good at carving with wood, rubber stamping, glass, transparent acrylic and cutting Plywood, black acrylic, cloth, etc...These two modules are single-beam modules with comprehensive functions and high-cost performance. They are the best choice for beginners. The difference between them is that N30820 can be used as air assist through a needle tube, not picky about the air pump. N40630 can install metal The air nozzle but air pump must be oil-free and water-free, so as to ensure that the lens is not damaged.

N30610, A40630, and A30130 modules have very fine square light spots and are better at high-resolution engraving and grayscale engraving of hard materials, They are all zoom modules. A40630 and A30130 also have strong cutting ability and are suitable for cutting Plywood, MDF board, and black acrylic. N30610 can present 0.02mm detail, A40630 and A30130 are the same optical features, focal point 0.04x0.04mm, the difference in the different air-assisted extension forms and compatible air pumps.

A40640 (Artist's Choice) is a classic creative master 2 beam zoom laser module, it is the world's first 2 beam laser diode engraving and cutting module with zoom design, with the best metal engraving ability, fast groove engraving ability, perfect cutting compatibility. Better application on a wider range of materials, The strongest power density (0.04x0.06mm with 12W+ pulse and 11W continuous optical power, Use 80% power (9W+) when cutting for a long time)of enables the A40640 to have the top engraving ability, There are very special and top artistic expressions on the carvings of stainless steel grayscale carvings, stone carvings, Glass Carving, hardwood reliefs, canvas art, and other materials. The adjustable focal length design enables the A40640 module to have a uniform cutting thickness of 20mm and short-focus fast cutting capabilities. If you only consider 1 module to help you solve all the needs, it is the best choice.

F30130, E30130, E40(Recommend), and E80 are the series of fixed focus modules specially designed by NEJE for cutting and directly used for engraving with an ACO air pump. These four modules are fixed focal length modules, which require clean air source support, F30130 is 10mm focal length, good at cutting plywood and metal engraving less than 4mm, E30130 is 20mm focal length, through internal NEJE optical processing, the spot shape is square, suitable for cutting materials with strong symmetry requirements such as model aircraft, E40 is 2 beams fixed module with 11W pulse and 10W+ continuous power output capability, Same engraving capability as A40640, It is a carving and cutting module with high-cost performance and wide application. E80 is 4 beam module, with 20W+ output, it is not recommended for engraving, the focus point is larger, heavyweight and the need to add air assist is the disadvantage of 4xLD. If you have requirements for cutting speed of 3-4mm materials, E80 is the right choice for you, Normally, 500mm/min can cut plywood cleanly, It should be noted that E80 is a 24V input module, which can only support the new NEJE-3-Max mainboard (v1.1.0 and above) 


    The NEJE A40640 module adjusts the focus to 55mm by default. This is because the NEJE factory has to ensure the consistency of product testing. 
    When you receive the product, it is recommended to use a flat-blade screwdriver to adjust the focus to 2-3mm from the light shield.

    The air nozzle must be aligned with the cutting port to blow off the carbonized material, otherwise, it will be ineffective.
    The focus must be located at the lower position of the material surface, otherwise, there will be a certain degree of inhomogeneity in the X and Y axes. This is the optical feature of the optical diode laser, not a quality problem.

    If you plan to cut with the A40640 module for a long time, it is recommended to adjust the power to 80%(obtain a stable heat balance in cutting mode). When the power is 80, the optical power is about 10W. This is because NEJE A40640 is mainly designed for the strongest and lightest high-definition engraving module. The pulse power reaches 12W+, only 202g.  NEJE E40 module specially designed by NEJE for long-term cutting needs has a built-in metal gas nozzle, but the weight is nearly 2 times the weight of the A40640 module. You can decide according to your actual needs. If your proportion of time required for engraving is greater than that for cutting. A40640 module is recommended. If you basically use it for cutting, and there is no extreme requirement for engraving, the E40 module is recommended. 


    When do you need air assist?

    Air-assisted engraving or cutting can only be used for engraving or cutting that produces more carbonized substances. Generally, the depth of engraving is less than 1mm, and the cutting of plywood less than 2mm does not require air assist. A small fan can be used to blow off the smoke generated by the engraving. Air assist is not recommended when engraving images, and adding air assist at this time will destroy image details.

    What kind of air pump is suitable for cutting?

    The main meaning of air assist is to blow off the carbonized material produced by cutting, and the general oxygener and electromagnetic inflator have almost no meaning. only the pressure of the oil pump and air compressor (0.4-1.5mPa) has the effect of blowing away the carbonized material. but it should be noted that the air of the oil pump contains oil and cannot be directly used for the air-assisted module of the closed cavity, otherwise, the oil will contaminate the lens, resulting in power drop or damage to the lens. The air pressure of the air compressor can be used for a short time with the closed cavity, but When used for a long time, the water-containing gas will contaminate the lens, cause the power to drop, and even damage the lens.

    How to add air assist on the A40640 laser module?

    The NEJE A40640 module is an adjustable focus module. For the consistency of testing, the NEJE factory adjusts the module to 55mm focal length by default. This focal length is suitable for cutting thicker materials. This focal length is generally not commonly used. When you are suitable for the first use of the product, it is recommended to use a flat-head screw to adjust the focal length to about 30mm, which is 1-2mm away from the light baffle. This focal length has a very high focal power density and can directly engrave grayscale stainless steel images\ gray-black stone and other hard materials, NEJE A40640 can directly engrave 3D hardwood and other materials and does not require air assistance, due to the high energy density design, A40640 can directly vaporize general wooden materials during the engraving and cutting process, so it is also unnecessary to add air assist.

    Air pump selection!

    Solution with Universal Air Assist Kit

    Can be used with an oil pump or an air machine (which can contain a small amount of water and oil)


    Solution with a clean air source (air compressor + air filter equipment)

    If you cut sheets for a long time, air assist can help you complete the project more efficiently. You can add air assist at around 30mm or at 55mm, depending on the thickness of your material; NEJE will provide 2 different focal lengths. Download the air-assisted 3D printing module, the 3D printing material is more lightweight, and it will hardly affect the weight of the module. However, when using it, it needs to align the light outlet. If it is not aligned with the center of the light outlet, it may cause the laser to burn the 3D printing Gas nozzle.




    Clearer of the engraving and cutting effect

    The NEJE A40640 module is the benchmark for diode lasers. Since A40640 was released in 2020, as the inventor of the world's first diode laser module, its product performance cannot be surpassed so far. The mature and high-efficiency optical system design enables the output power to reach 10w -12w,  NEJE A40640 laser module has a minimum focus of 0.04mm and a maximum cutting thickness of 20mm. Combined with NEJE automatic air assist, in the multi-layer control mode of the Lightburn software, you can Complete grayscale, 3D, high-quality cutting, and other processes at one time. And the cutting angle is smaller, the cutting edge is more vertical and cleaner. The 204g lightweight design makes the motion inertia smaller and the image clearer.

    More reliable, The new laser uses a high temperature (1000℃) window glass to protect the lens, which effectively improves the service life of the lens.

    Safer module design, NEJE has greatly enhanced the anti-static and surge design under the new control system. NEJE has passed the very severe test in the experiment, which has greatly improved the reliability of the NEJE control system. The new system does not require additional grounding to protect equipment.

    Quiet design, NEJE A40640 module built-in NEJE unique intelligent drive design, so that the fan status can be automatically controlled.

    The strongest diode engraving module, 12W pulse power in 0.04x0.06mm

    NEJE A40640 module has ultra-high energy density at 30mm focus, which is beyond the reach of other imitators. It does not require air assistance when carving wood with a depth of less than 1mm, and can completely vaporize the material through the plasma effect. Ultra-high energy The density can also directly engrave the grayscale images on stainless steel planes, which cannot be achieved by 4 x beam 20W diode lasers.

    20mm max cutting depth

    The adjustable focal length design enables the NEJE A40640 module to have a maximum cutting depth of 20mm, which is best used when making furniture and cutting EPE and other materials.

    Hundreds of materials can be applied

    The above are real works from NEJE fans. If you have any materials that you do not understand, you can contact our customer service.

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