NEJE Max 4 Diy CNC Laser Engraver and Cutter, 3D Laser Engraving Machine

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Why choose NEJE Max 4 ?

industry-leading large area machinery quality

Using higher hardness aluminum and perfect motion structure design, all structures and tracks are precision calibrated by CNC industrial mother machine, excellent vibration suppression design, innovative Y-axis belt adjuster, making the image quality and accuracy perfect.

Multi-module 3D space creation

The industry's first 3-axis with lightburn an laserGRBL, freeing both hands without focusing, 3D relief, multi-layer engraving of special-shaped materials, curved surface engraving, multi-layer high-efficiency and safe cutting, supports the blade, drawing pen, metal tip to expand drawing, cutting and engraving and other functions, supports 4 axes Collaboration.

Reliable wireless control with lightburn / laserGRBL / NEJE

The industry's first professional software wireless control mode for lightburn & LaserGRBL perfectly solves the reliability of wireless connections and prevents data packet loss from connection interruptions. The OTA software & firmware are permanently upgraded and support APP wireless connection creation.

Leading safety design concept

The standard pen head provides a safe practice tool for novices. The NEJE laser has extremely small cutting volume and multi-layer high-efficiency cutting mode to avoid the risk of fire caused by talking materials. The reliable control system with 10 years of iteration ensures stable operation. It has built-in MEMS vibration protection, emergency stop expansion, flame Detection expansion, safety door expansion and other functions. The laser is equipped with a protective hood to reduce light radiation spillage, and the automatic smoke exhaust control and protective box body can efficiently discharge exhaust gas.

Various expansion accessories

We provides: Y-axis extension, rotating axis, honeycomb platform, large-area cutting platform, 1.6MP lightburn vision camera, automatic high-pressure air valve & automatic relay switch layered automatic control of air assist and smoke exhaust system, replacement lenses, fans and other consumables; Regular overweight accessories are shipped from the nearest warehouse around the world.

Free tutorials and professional service support

NEJE Project Idea: Latest project cases and document sharing.
NEJE Facebook Group: Learn and grow with top artists.
NEJE Forum: NEJE professional after-sales support. (Modules and control systems have a 2-year warranty, only replacement and not repair)
NEJE Document: NEJE motion control and software technical guidance and FAQ support.
NEJE Wiki: NEJE equipment installation\usage instructions and maintenance guidance.

NEJE Max 4

3D Higher Accuracy DIY Desktop Laser Engraver & Cutter  

Module Comparison

DifferenceA40640 Ⅱ (classical)E40 (NEW)E80 (NEW)
light sourceOriginal diode X2Original diode X2Original diode X4
Focal spot size0.04*0.06mm zoom focus0.03*0.04mm fixed focus0.06*0.06mm fixed focus
Continuous Power10-11W10-11W21-22W
Pulse power12W12W24W
Max cutting thickness20mm10mm30mm
Recommended cutting thickness<8mm<5mm<18mm
FeatureIt has a wide range of comprehensive applications and can be widely used for carving various materials, including wood, metal, stone, glass, and has universal cutting ability A40640 has a very wide user base and is the inventor of the Diode Laser high-power module. The classic is still in use today. Having very fine carving and cutting expression abilities, for users with higher requirements for precision, such as ceramic carving, leather, MDF cutting within 4mm, etc., with perfect detail presentation.Powerful power and perfect optical quality, with an ultra long lifespan design, the E80 has higher commercial applications in carving and cutting efficiency. It will be a standard grade product for Diode Laser entering the industrial era.
Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years
Stainless Steel cuttingNoThickness:0.05 mm
300 mm/min
Thickness:0.1 mm
300 mm/min

Warranty statement: The warranty period for the module and motherboard is 2 years, and the power attenuation is not less than 70%; Due to accidental operation, the lens was damaged and not cleaned according to normal requirements, which is not covered by the free warranty To protect your rights and interests.

Industry-leading performance and quality

Unique High-Performance Optical Design - The Matrix Photosystem

A resulting in high-quality laser engraving and cutting performance. The matrix photosystem design allows for precise control of the laser beam, ensuring that it is evenly distributed and focused on the desired area. This improves the energy efficiency of the system, as less power is wasted on unnecessary areas.

Additionally, the focus size of the laser beam is optimized to be as small as possible, allowing for intricate and detailed engraving. This is particularly important when working with small or delicate materials, as it ensures that the laser does not damage or burn surrounding areas.

The XY symmetry of the matrix photosystem design ensures that the laser beam is evenly distributed across the entire working area. This eliminates any inconsistencies or variations in engraving or cutting depth, resulting in a uniform and professional finish.

Overall, NEJE's unique matrix photosystem design sets it apart from other laser engraving systems by maximizing energy efficiency, focus size, and XY symmetry. This leads to exceptional engraving and cutting performance, making it a preferred choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Unique hard material cutting performance and detail

Matrix optical compression technology can increase the energy density of diodes to the highest level and achieve relatively more perfect angular symmetry.This technology can effectively improve the energy density of the focal point, and has absolute advantages in engraving metal and cutting details compared to other 20W/30W/40W laser modules with reflective stacking power.

And the NEJE E80 beam has better symmetry,it has more uniform energy in the X and Y direction when cutting circle,avoiding situations where only one direction cuts through.This design feature enables the E80 to have better detail expression and cutting ability when cutting materials such as stainless steel,plywood,MDF(video),leather,etc

Higher detail expression and faster carving speed

Matrix optical compression technology makes the focal point of NEJE E80 0.06x0.06mm,the symmetrical XY shape make it achieve the ultimate in engraving and cutting performance and the power density reaches 6666W/mm²,Compared with other 40W(output) module,power density:1777W/mm²(0.15x0.15mm,8xLD,Current highest power),the performance of E80 is higher than the 40W module.Due to the extremely strong power density and optical design (symmetrical XY shape),NEJE E80 has more excellent performance.

With such high energy performance,the NEJE E80 module has almost achieved the mechanical performance of belt drive to its limit.when engraving on canvas,a speed of 400mm/s is quite normal.

More efficient cutting performance of thick materials

17mm Pine Board Cutting, 2 pass, 300mm/min video
( We upgraded the short nozzle to finish the test. For original nozzle, the test result is : 2 passes,300mm/min )

10mm Plywood Cutting, 1 pass, 280mm/min video

The E80 has extremely strong optical quality,which is reflected in the good symmetry and minimal focus of XY.Through the MAX 4 motorized Z-axis layer by layer control,precise control of minimum cutting amount,which leads to more efficient cutting.Even though the NEJE E80 only has half the power of 40W,its efficiency is twice that of 40W.Will this overturn your understanding of laser modules?

Less carbonized substances and smoke and risk of fire

The excellent optical design and multi-layer working mode of the NEJE E80 module enable the maximum reduction of carbonization substances and prevent fire when cutting wood.The ordinary refractive 20W/30W/40W laser module generates more carbonization substances,smoke,and risk of fire when cutting

Red copper efficient heat dissipation system

A red copper efficient heat dissipation system is designed to effectively dissipate heat generated by electronic components, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity. The use of red copper in the heat dissipation system helps maintain stable and continuous power output.

Long Lifespan

The design difference between NEJE 80 industrial modules and other high-power modules is a module’s performance.
NEJE E80 takes the pursuit of long lifespan and high performance as the design concept,and chooses the most difficult manufacturing scheme.We believe that the lifespan and performance of the module is the real value for the user to buy the E80 module,which makes the E80 have no advantage in power.The reason for E80's stronger performance than other 6xLD and 8xLD is that we did not choose 8xLD or 6xLD to release new products relatively quickly for marketing gimmicks.Or destroying the original LD structure and reflective structure scheme to quickly manufacture new products.This may quickly obtain users.But this is against the values of the NEJE team.
The safety consideration of the high-power model is also a special emphasis of the NEJE team. The high-power model is particularly easy to burn during operation.It eliminates the need to optimize the focus and angle during the design process.NEJE Max 4 motorized Z-axis can be better to safely control high-power modules.

Warranty Statement: 2 Years(If the laser module works 8 hours per day,the lifespan will be 7 years)
Under appropriate working conditions,the service life can reach 5 years,meanwhile,the left power is about 70%. Please pay attention to moisture-proof and dust-proof treatment. Make sure the air goes into the module without water and oil.The len needs to be cleaned regularly. The lens does not belong to the free warranty. The NEJE's free after-sale policy must meet the conditions of non-human disassembly and misoperation and use under the correct conditions. For more details please check in web.
Register Your SN Code to Ensure 2-Year-Warranty:

High-quality accessories designed to be compatible with various types of air sources and materials of varying thicknesses. These accessories boast a spare lens with 99.99% transmittance and exceptional resistance to temperatures up to 1000 ℃. The replaceable lens design enhances the durability of the module.

Laser Light Shield

The E80 original laser module has a unique shading design, as it adopts a new and efficient heat dissipation structure design. The traditional red acrylic laser module may make the overall structure look unattractive and bulky. The new sliding up and down shading ring of E80 greatly enhances its appearance, making the overall appearance more technological. In the cutting process of conventional thickness materials, the shading design can block the overflowing light and improve the operating experience in an open environment.

The difference between E80 and 6xLD/8xLD

Design DifferenceNEJE E80 4xLDOther 6xLDOther 8xLD
Light sourceNichia original top LD, Collimating light sourceRemove the LD protective cover and re-seal the LD, DivergentRemove the LD protective cover and re-seal the LD, Divergent
Light pathArray lens compressionReflective focus(The reflective angle is very large,can't get small focus, and the material is particularly easy to catch fire)Reflective focus(The reflective angle is very large,can't get small focus, and the material is particularly easy to catch fire)
Light source life20000 hour2000 hour2000 hour
Thermally conductive materialRed copperAluminumAluminum
Working hours limitUnlimitedContinuous work fast decayContinuous work fast decay
Fan Status ControlEngraving and light cutting status Low speed (quiet), high speed for continuous cuttingNoNo
Temperature feedbackYesNoNo
Quality Tracking2-year standard after-sales service process, commodity ID registration system.NoNo
Focus size0.06x0.060.15x0.150.15x0.15
X:Y AngleX = YX ≠ YX ≠ Y
17mm pine board cutting speed2.5 pass,100%,300mm/min6 pass,100%,300mm/min5 pass,100%,300mm/min
Engraving speed(canvas)> 24000mm/s< 24000mm/s<24000mm/s

What can be improved by NEJE electric Z-axis?

Efficiency and safety

By optimizing the focus size of E80 and controlling the cutting amount of each layer,it maximized the efficiency of each path in E80.The cutting and engraving efficiency is increased by 200%,which is higher than that of 40W (optical power) module.The optical design of NEJE E80 makes focus power density of E80 and beam angle reach a perfect state by optimizing the beam structure and adopting more complex manufacturing technology.When the power is 1 time smaller than the 40W module,it can even reach the same cutting speed,and the cutting notch is smaller,avoiding the trapezoidal notch and XY asymmetry problems.

Focus accuracy control

The repositioning accuracy of the motorized Z-axis reset sensor reaches 0.001mm,which provides more precise focus control for materials with high focus accuracy requirements such as engraving metal.
It is more expressive when engraving multi color on stainless steel surfaces.
Combining excellent NEJE modules,E40,A40640,and E80 modules makes it easier to achieve grayscale effects on surfaces.

Free your hands

The new and innovative design of the motorized Z-axis greatly improves the safety and controllability of high-power modules.You can preset the focus position on each layer in the lightburn software.From then on,you only need to place the material on the honeycomb platform without focusing,completely releasing your hands.

Save time

NEJE Max 4 has higher productivity with functions such as larger area and preset focus motorized Z axis.when you need to create multiple different projects,you can preset Z offset for each layer to complete all projects together.Combined with NEJE's unique offline running function,you can directly import files into the device,making it create your projects safely and automatically without occupying your computer and time.

3D reliefs

Take advantages of motorized z-axis for multi-layer engraving to achieve various 3D effects.

Combined with NEJE's unique multi-layer independent controlled gas assist function,it can even engrave high-quality 3D art works on materials such as stone and hardwood.

Compared to traditional CNC milling,the production of 3D relief with E80 module can present more details and it's more efficient.

Multi-layer engraving

"A piece of driftwood. They found it when they got engaged. He find me at a craft fair and I had 5 days to figure it out before the wedding. Had to do it in many segments since it was not at all flat."

When engraving irregular materials ( such as driftwood ), we can use the motorized Z-axis multi-layer control function and repositioning function to achieve 3D space engraving and cutting,making diverse artistic creation for irregular materials.

Curved surface engraving & cutting

Through surface modeling like in Fusion 360,we can achieve CNC path like working modes through real-time Z-axis linkage,directly processing surface works.

In most projects, we can only use the rotation axis to control the conventional cylindrical structure. Most irregular surface projects cannot be carved or cut, resulting in more advanced needs. How can we more accurately carve irregular surfaces? Therefore, surface modeling has become a direction for our exploration, and the NEJE team will also take the lead in exploring more possibilities in this direction.

Drawing Pen / Blade for Graphic and Transfer Vinyl Art

The drawing pen is included in the package which can let children and beginners experience the fun of CNC safely.It can draw images or engineering design,drawing paths on paper,vinyl,leather,advertisement materials and so on.

With blade,heat transfer vinyl and foam within 1mm can be cut easily with Lightburn.The NEJE Max 4 Z-axis sensor has a 0.001mm reset repetitive positioning accuracy and a precise CNC support platform to support blade projects.NEJE provides blade and cutting pads for auxiliary cutting.

Unmatched creative space and professional automatic control experience  !

Area Extention for Wall Art

The characteristic of the NEJE Max series is that you can get industrial grade large-area diode laser machine at a lower cost,and the new Y-axis extension track is calibrated using a CNC industrial master machine and diamond cutting tools for linear correction.Calibrating the horizontal tolerance of extruded profiles for long dimensions allows for higher accuracy and longer lifespan of large-area equipment,as well as higher work efficiency.Projects such as large-area engraving and wall art are easier to perform.NEJE engineers have improved the hardness and material of the frame material,and adopted innovative shock-absorbing design to make the machine lightweight while achieving perfect drawing effects.

Automatic air assist for each layer

NEJE has created a smart air assist function,in the Lightburn software,the air assist switches for each layer can be set separately.By using the high-pressure electromagnetic valve or relay module provided by NEJE,the clean high-pressure air or low-pressure air entering the module can better carbonize the material or perform special processing on softened substances,in order to achieve cleaner or special processing effects for cutting and engraving art works.

Wirelessly control through Lightburn / LaserGRBL / NEJE-Soft

NEJE win software has a special function,which not only allows for direct connection to NEJE devices (via USB or BLE mode) to create some simple works,but also has a "bridge" function.As a connector between Lightburn/LaserGRBL and the device;Through the "bridge" function,Lightburn software and LaserGRBL software can directly control the device wirelessly in real-time,making it convenient to stop or adjust parameters in a timely manner during machine operation.This provides an excellent operational experience when creating small and medium-sized projects.

Offline working mode

NEJE has upgraded a unique offline working mode that eliminates traditional tf card and USB cable control modes.There is no longer a need to occupy a computer or hold a tf card to manage the NEJE laser machine.Through NEJE software, files designed in Lightburn or other design software can be directly wirelessly transferred to the NEJE machine,avoiding the cumbersome operation of traditional tf card mode and the limitation of real-time control by USB cable.
Start the device after the file transfer is completed.At this point,you can disconnect the computer from the NEJE machine and no longer occupy your computer.This mode can enable one computer to manage multiple NEJE devices and work simultaneously,improving production efficiency.However,the traditional Lightburn control method requires continuous real-time sending of instructions through a USB cable,and can only control one device in real-time.

Easy creating with phone and tablet

When you want to create some small projects,such as engraving an image or a logo,you can simply take a photo or draw your logo with your phone or tablet,and then use the NEJE APP to create,edit,and control the NEJE laser machine.The whole process is very simple and user-friendly.

APP for Android, iOS, macOS

The APP mode is currently only suitable for creating simple bitmap works and currently does not support the GRBL instruction mode.

Improvement of safety and operational experience

The NEJE series comes standard with MEMS vibration sensing protection, which automatically pauses operation when the device experiences unexpected external vibrations.

The NEJE Max 4 also supports M8,M7,and Door expansion functions.Through expansion,it is easy to build fully automatic air assist,smoke exhaust,cooling,lighting,smoke detection,safety doors, visual and other functions.When creating a project,it only takes 2 steps,put the materials on the working bed,and then start the project in any corner of the room to operate wirelessly. video

Wide Range of Accessories

The NEJE Max 4 supports a wide range of accessories to comprehensively enhance the product's user experience,safety,functionality,and automation capabilities.NEJE accessories include gas collection&protection enclosure,extension rod, honeycomb board,large working area, automatic control relay(it constructs automatic air assistance and smoke exhaust system),automatic control air valve module (it constructs high-pressure air assistance system),automatic control air pump, 12V series laser module (please pay attention to voltage matching),door interface safety protection expansion (it will automatically stop working when a flame is detected)


NEJE Max 4 is a versatile and high-performance large-area DIY laser engraving and cutting machine with a new and innovative design concept. It has 4-axis independent control, which means you can improve efficiency and unleash creativity in multi-dimensional space. The entire structure of NEJE Max 4 is matched with CNC precision accessories, using impressive structural design and higher rigidity aluminum material ratio, ensuring lightweight while ensuring stable and accurate drawing. NEJE Max 4 is an excellent machine that combines the performance, durability, and reliability of belt driven equipment. Forest Green provides great inspiration for art creators, compatible with pen heads and blades, breaking through material limitations and creating more creative works. For controlling the high-power laser module, the electric Z-axis is undoubtedly a necessary option, which can also properly solve the safety and efficiency problems. The NEJE+Lightburn wireless mode truly frees up your hands and allows you to operate the machine from another place. In the duration you drink a cup of coffee gracefully,the artworks will be finished. If you are an artist, it will be your good helper.


Frame Size (L – W – H): 970x582x60mm
Working Area( X – Y): 750 x 460mm, Extends to 750x1030mm(about 29.5x40.5 inch)
X axis:Industrial straight track, bottom CNC straight line correction
Y axis:NEJE diamond CNC linear track, smooth and durable
Z axis:Industrial linear track
A axis:Rotary axis expansion
Y axis Extension: Yes, NEJE will provide linear extension track, and the Y axis can be extended to 1030mm.
Limit Switch: Build in X Y Z
Homing Repeat Position Accuracy: 0.01mm
Repeat Position Accuracy: X Y: 0.01mm; Z: 0.01mm
Recommended acceleration and top speed: 400mm/s (NEJE Max 4 has a longer acceleration stroke, and the peak speed is faster than the ordinary 400x400mm frame.)
Vertical Carving: Yes(90°)
Accuracy: 2032 dpi (80 pixels per mm) 
Input Voltage: 12V or 24V, Match according to module voltage
Interface: 5.5*2.1, Max 6A
Compatible: all 12V and 24V NEJE modules
M7,M8,Door Extension: Yes
Lightburn Offline Control: Yes
Lasergrbl Offline Control:Yes
BLE Bluetooth Function:Support Bluetooth 4,Windows 10, iOS 8 and Android 4.2 and above.
App control: Yes
MEMS protection: Yes
NEJE Software OTA Upgrade: Yes
Software: NEJE Win Soft, NEJE APP, Lightburn, LaserGRBL
Firmware: build in NEJE fireware and GRBL 1.1f(optimized)
Systems Support: Win 7/Win 8/Win 10, Android, iOS, ipadOS, macOS
File Format Supports: GC/SVG/DXF/JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/TIF/etc.

Q & A

Business Ideas

Basic engraving and cutting kits

NEJE Max 4 E80 Laser kit + Honeycomb cutting board + Automatic lens gas protection assist kit

Basic engraving kits

NEJE Max 4 E80 Laser kit + Rotery + Automatic lens gas protection assist kit

Basic vision automatic engraving and cutting kits

NEJE Max 4 E80 Laser kit + 1.6MP Lightburn CameraDIY protection frame + Honeycomb cutting board + Automatic lens gas protection assist kit

Large area engraving and cutting kits

NEJE Max 4 E80 Laser kit + Extend railFlat extension cutting panelAutomatic lens gas protection assist kit


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