NEJE H20 Slider / Z axis adjuster / High-precision Metal Laser Module Focus Height Adjuster

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Precision mechanical design and high-precision machining process, high-strength aluminum alloy integrated cutting process, precision optical instrument level, up and down adjustment range of 20mm, can accurately control the focus position, after adjusting the position can be locked to prevent sliding.
The module interface is compatible with NEJE series modules, just lock the module after finding the approximate range of focal length.
Compatible with NEJE 3 Max, NEJE 2S Max, NEJE 3 Plus, NEJE 2s Plus, NEJE 3 Pro needs to be equipped with a limit trigger point to support.

Packing list:
Precision Height Adjuster x 1



Why are the height adjusters more expensive than other acrylic and iron bending parts?

The cheap solution has no locking device, accurate scale, serious and inaccurate material deformation, or the locking nut will affect the actual accuracy, and the module with heavy load is likely to move during the movement process, the installation is relatively thin, and the assembly is relatively thick. The module will be unbalanced, the module will sag, the left and right scanning may shake, the module installation interface is fixed, and the lower part cannot move more strokes, the stability of the acrylic material is poor, and the safety risk is high; in addition to the static characteristics, more need to consider the dynamic state The safety and stability of the high-power module; in fact, in addition to the NEJE H20 can precisely adjust the focus and has a very high reliability, this can be independently used as a sliding module assembly, and a roller can be installed at the back, compatible with 20mm, 30mm, 40mm rails . This is not the goal of cheap design. If you want to ensure that the heavy E80 and other modules can operate stably, high-reliability design is required, and cheap solutions will bring great risks.