NEJE 3 Pro: Diode Laser Engraver and Cutter - 400x410mm

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    B30635 is a module specially designed for wood grayscale images and micro-engraving.

    N30820 and N40630 have strong comprehensive capabilities, the optical power is 5.5 - 7.5W output, and the focus is square light spot, good at carving with wood, rubber stamping, glass, transparent acrylic and cutting Plywood, black acrylic, cloth, etc...These two modules are single-beam modules with comprehensive functions and high-cost performance. They are the best choice for beginners. The difference between them is that N30820 can be used as air assist through a needle tube, not picky about the air pump. N40630 can install metal The air nozzle but air pump must be oil-free and water-free, so as to ensure that the lens is not damaged.

    N30610, A40630, and A30130 modules have very fine square light spots and are better at high-resolution engraving and grayscale engraving of hard materials, They are all zoom modules. A40630 and A30130 also have strong cutting abilities and are suitable for cutting Plywood, MDF board, and black acrylic. N30610 can present 0.02mm detail, A40630 and A30130 are the same optical features, focal point 0.04x0.04mm, the difference in the different air-assisted extension forms, and compatible air pumps.

    A40640 (Artist's Choice) is a classic creative master 2 beam laser module, it is the world's first 2 beam laser diode engraving and cutting module with zoom design, with the best metal engraving ability, fast groove engraving ability, perfect cutting compatibility. Better application on a wider range of materials, The strongest power density (0.04x0.06mm with 12W+ pulse and 11W continuous optical power, Use 80% power (9W+) when cutting for a long time) enables the A40640 to have the top engraving ability, There are very special and top artistic expressions on the carvings of stainless steel grayscale carvings, stone carvings, Glass Carving, hardwood reliefs, canvas art, and other materials. The adjustable focal length design enables the A40640 module to have a uniform cutting thickness of 20mm and short-focus fast cutting capabilities. If you only consider 1 module to help you solve all the needs, it is the best choice.

    F30130, E30130, E40, and E80 are the series of modules specially designed by NEJE for long-time cutting. These four modules are fixed focal length modules, which require clean air source support, F30130 is 10mm focal length, good at cutting plywood and metal engraving less than 4mm, E30130 is 20mm focal length, through internal NEJE optical processing, the spot shape is square, suitable for cutting materials with strong symmetry requirements such as model aircraft, E40 is 2 beam module, the spot shape is square, with 11W pulse and 10W+ continuous power output capability, is a cutting module with high-cost performance and wide application. E80 is a 4 beam module, with 20W+ output, it is not recommended for engraving, the focus point is larger, and heavyweight, and the need to add air assist is the disadvantage of 4xLD. If you have requirements for cutting speed of 3-4mm materials, E80 is the right choice for you, Normally, 500mm/min can cut plywood cleanly, It should be noted that E80 is a 24V input module, which can only support the new NEJE-3-Max machine. The new motherboard of NEJE 3 Max (v1.1.0 and above) supports 24V input. NEJE does not plan to configure a separate machine set for the E80 module. You can purchase an E80 kit to upgrade your NEJE 3 Max.. In addition to E80 modules, F30130, E30130, and E40 can also remove the air nozzle and directly use it for engraving without air assistance.


    NEJE 3 Pro is a professional laser engraving and cutting equipment. The 400x410mm area can meet most of the engraving needs. Through the extension rod provided by NEJE, you can get a working area of 400x1040mm area. NEJE 3 series all support APP control, you can use the APP And light burn and other software to obtain top-level engraving works. NEJE 3 Pro is equipped with automatic air assist, automatic smoke control components, and Door expansion function, and is compatible with most NEJE series modules, the expansion function is perfectly suitable for Lightburn, laserGRBL, and NEJE software APP, it can complete a variety of complex processes at one time, enough to build a perfect laser engraving and cutting system. NEJE 3 Pro is also equipped with honeycomb panels to choose from, This one is a professional laser equipment solution for less money.


    Frame size (L - W -H): 550 x 540 x 200mm
    Working area( X - Y): 400 x 410mm, Extends to 400x1040mm
    Dot Pitch: 0.075mm, 338dpi
    Pixel: 5333 x 5466 px
    Drive accuracy: 0.01mm
    Max Move Speed: X:1000mm/s(with module 204g), Y:750mm/s
    Frame Material: High precision All-aluminum alloy and PC material hybrid frame
    Structure Technology: Y-axis fit adjustable design, X-axis stress fit assembly
    Structure Feature: Fit, High precision, stable, smooth, no oil, easy maintenance, long life
    Vertical Carving: Yes (45°)
    Motor Size: Y: 42 x 42 x 40mm, X: 42 x 42 x 34mm
    Motor Drive Current: 0.9A
    Module Height Adjuster: Yes
    Home: Front Left
    Origin: Front Left
    Compatible Modules: B30635, N30820, N40630, N30610, A40630, A30130, A40640, F30130, E30130, E40.
    Rotary jig: supports all stepper motor-driven jigs

    MCU: 32-bit 200Mhz MCU (Top 32-bit MCU)
    BLE APP control: Yes
    MEMS protection: Yes
    M7 Control: Yes (For building automatic smoke extraction systems)
    M8 Control: Yes (For building automatic air assist systems)
    Door Control: Yes (Emergency Suspension and Safety Door Control)
    Limit Switch: Yes
    ON/OFF Switch: Yes
    Input: DC 5.5 2.1, 12V 5A (Power Adapter)
    System: Win 7 / Win 8/ Win 10, Android, iOS, ipadOS, macOS, HarmonyOS.
    The file format supports SVG/DXF/JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/TIF/CR2, etc.
    OTA Upgrade: Yes
    NEJE Win Software: Yes, It is recommended to open the NEJE software to update to the latest firmware for the first time use.
    Lightburn and LaserGRBL: Yes, improved low light function, added M8, M7, emergency stop extended automatic control, optimized GRBL interaction.
    Off-Line Working: Yes, In NEJE Win software and NEJE APP mode, when the image is transferred to the device, it can work independently from the computer or mobile phone.
    Repeat Engraving: Yes, After the engraving or cutting is completed, the device will not lose the location information, if you are not satisfied with the work, you can continue to work.
    NEJE Android APP: Yes
    NEJE iPhone/iPad APP: Yes
    NEJE Cloud Gallery Service: Yes
    Software Download: Https://

    Module: NEJE E30130
    Focus: 0.06x0.06mm
    Focus method: fixed ( about 10mm from the bottom )
    Optical power: CW 5.5W+, Pulse 7.5W
    Wavelength: 450nm
    Weight: 204g
    Module Size: 30x30x130 mm
    Input: DC 12V 3A
    Interface: 4pin PH2.0
    Compatible with: NEJE 3 Max, NEJE 3 Pro, NEJE 3 Plus, NEJE 2s Max, NEJE 2s Plus, etc...
    Power Control: PWM Power Modulation
    Fan: Double Ball High Life Fan
    Drive: NEJE Smart Quiet Drive, Built-in static elimination technology.
    Surge Protection: Yes
    Smart Feedback: Yes
    Temperature Feedback: Yes
    Temperature control: 45℃
    air pump: 0.5-1.5mpa clean air
    Air interface: 4mm PVC trachea
    Replaceable lens design: Yes
    Original registered brand: Yes

    Laser Module: NEJE N40630
    Focus: 0.08x0.08mm
    Focus method: adjustable ( Recommend 30mm )
    Optical power: CW 5.5W+, Pulse 7.5W
    Wavelength: 450nm
    Weight: 204g
    Module Size: 40x50x85 mm
    Input: DC 12V 3A
    Interface: 4pin PH2.0
    Compatible with: NEJE 3 Max, NEJE 3 Pro, NEJE 3 Plus, NEJE 2s Max, NEJE 2s Plus, etc...
    Power control: PWM Power Modulation
    Fan: double ball high life fan
    Drive: NEJE smart quiet drive, built-in static elimination technology.
    Surge protection: Yes
    Smart feedback: Yes
    Temperature feedback: Yes
    Temperature control: 45℃
    air pump: 0.5-1.5mpa clean air (Needle-type air nozzle supports oily and water-containing air source, and sealed air nozzle can only use clean air pump)
    Air interface: 4mm PVC trachea
    Replaceable lens design: Yes
    Original registered brand: Yes

    Warranty: 2 years
    Warranty Statement: The conditions of NEJE's free after-sale policy must be met under the conditions of non-human disassembly and misoperation and use in the correct environment. 
    If the wrong voltage is input, or the lens is damaged due to lack of maintenance, it is not within the scope of free after-sale; for maintenance instructions, please refer to NEJE.WIKI

    Packing list:

    • NEJE 3 Pro Machine(All functions of the whole machine are tested, and only 8 screws are needed to complete the assembly) x 1
    • Laser Module with air Assist Kits ( Built-in high-pressure air assist )x 1
    • 12V 5A standard certified power adapter x 1
    • USB Cable + Manual + Quality Card x 1
    • Goggles x 1
    • Crawler x 1
    • 12V Valve Control Kit (less than 1.5mpa) x 1
    • 12V Relay Expansion Control Kit (Extra AD or DC power Max 2500W) x 1
    • Door Control Kit x 1
    • Screw Nut Wrench Screwdriver Belt Installation Package x 1
    • Test Material Package x 1


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