NEJE R10 Heat Sink + High-speed Fan Enhanced Retrofit Kit for A40640 Laser Module

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Performance improvement:

1. The 100% power continuous work thermal stability performance is improved by the 1500-rpm high-speed fan.

2. Under the 100% power continuous working state, the core temperature can be controlled to be less than 50°C.

3. The extended high-speed fan is connected in parallel to the main cooling fan, which is driven by The IC controls the working state, and the engraving state will not produce noise.

4. Users who use A40640 for cutting for a long time are recommended to modify it. If it is a user who is mainly engraving and a small amount of cutting, it is not necessary to upgrade.

5. Please make sure that you can operate the soldering iron, this operation may cause problems in the warranty process, so it is recommended to shoot video to keep. To prevent the NEJE after-sales program will be based on judgment.

6. The heat sink is compatible with A40630 and N40630 laser modules. 

Package list:

Heat sink X1
30mm double ball cooling fan x1
acrylic gasket x1
12V soldering iron(5.5 2.1 interface, Available power supplies for NEJE devices) x1
tin wire (1m) x1
head cap screw x8
2.5mm wrench x1
2mm wrench x1
0.5g thermal grease x1