NEJE 3 Max V2 DIY Laser Engraver and Cutter, CNC Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

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NEJE 3Max-V2 is a general-purpose large-area DIY laser engraving and cutting machine with simple assembly, stable performance, and easy to maintain.

It is an improved version of the fourth generation based on NEJE 2 Max, NEJE 2s Max, and NEJE 3 Max. It improves structural strength, smoothness, and accuracy by optimizing alloy material matching and structural design, and conducts comprehensive calibration using precision CNC machines. While ensuring portability and ease of use, it perfectly meets the needs of both novice and commercial users.
The NEJE 3Max-V2 is very portable, allowing you to easily pick it up with one hand and complete your projects outdoors. It can also be easily hung on the wall when not in use.
The new control system supports native Z-axis and A-axis, and a single computer can control countless devices, supporting commercial production mode settings and lightburn wireless mode.
The NEJE H20 optical precision module focus adjuster is also configured. It is compatible with larger power modules such as E80, stable, easy to use, and efficient. If you want to retrofit the machine, you can update the firmware and upgrade it to an electric Z-axis to enhance the performance of the 3Max-V2 in multi-dimensional space. Alternatively, expanding the X-axis and Y-axis to achieve incredible working area, the all-new NEJE 3Max-V2 is a great helper for entry-level and commercial use.


DifferenceE40 (NEW) E80 (NEW)
Light source Original diode X2 Original diode X4
Focal spot size 0.03*0.04mm fixed focus 0.06*0.06mm fixed focus
Continuous Power 10-11W 21-22W
Pulse power 12W24W
Max cutting thickness 10mm30mm
Recommended cutting thickness <5mm <18mm
Stainless Steel Cutting Thickness:0.05 mm 300 mm/min Thickness:0.1 mm 300 mm/min, Max: 0.15mm
MDF CuttingExcellent effect<4mmExcellent effect
Leather CuttingExcellent effect<4mmExcellent effect
Cardboard cuttingExcellent effect<4mmExcellent effect
Stainless steel grayscale carvingExcellent effectExcellent effect
Stainless steel color markingExcellent effectExcellent effect
Stone carvingExcellent effectExcellent effect
High resolution resolution resolution of ceramic imagesbetteryes
Warranty2 Years , commodity ID registration system2 Years 
FeatureHaving very fine carving and cutting expression abilities, for users with higher requirements for precision, such as ceramic carving, leather, MDF cutting within 4mm, etc., with perfect detail presentation. Powerful power and perfect optical quality, with an ultra long lifespan design, the E80 has higher commercial applications in carving and cutting efficiency. It will be a standard grade product for Diode Laser entering the industrial era.
Working hours limit Unlimited Unlimited 
Fan Status ControlEngraving and light cutting status Low speed (quiet), high speed for continuous cutting Engraving and light cutting status Low speed (quiet), high speed for continuous cutting 
Temperature feedback Yes Yes 
X:Y Angle X = Y X = Y 
VoltageDC 12VDC 24V
Air assistIn engraving mode, by installing additional lens protection window lenses, the lenses can be protected through a heat dissipation system without the need for additional air assistance. Supports high-pressure air assistNeed to install an oxygen pump or oil-free high-pressure air assist



NEJE has designed an optical laboratory level Z-axis height adjuster for 3MaxV2, providing a highly portable, precise, and stable operating experience. The Z-axis height adjuster has scale and locking functions, with a rotation of 0.7mm. You can even manually control the focus accuracy to 0.1mm. In the process of metal carving or cutting thick materials, it can greatly improve operational accuracy and portability, thereby improving operational efficiency.


The newly upgraded 3MaxV2 framework's X and Y axis tracks are calibrated through high-precision industrial CNC master machines. Ensure precise and balanced X and Y axes through precise CNC structure nesting. The difference between CNC straight track and ordinary track lies in the elimination of profile extrusion deformation tolerance and improvement of smoothness, which improves the image quality of carving and cutting; In addition, the new framework has improved the track size structure, increased the hardness of aluminum materials, and additionally designed shock absorption treatment, making the framework more stable and precise, which has greatly improved the quality of artworks.


The newly upgraded 3MaxV2 has improved the adjustable damping function, which improves the smoothness of the X and Y direction modules and enhances the stability of repeated positioning accuracy on the X and Y axes. The repeated positioning accuracy is 0.01mm, making the image quality more stable and reliable.


The NEJE team has equipped three original designed CNC precision belt tension adjusters for large-area laser engraving machines. It can easily solve the problem of image deviation in the X and Y directions, resulting in higher precision in large-scale cutting and carving, and a more perfect quality of the work.


The 3MaxV2 is equipped with a stability control system based on the NEJE Master series, which has been iterated for 10 years. The new control system optimizes silence, performance, stability, portability, and functionality to the extreme. Supporting 4-axis independent control, equipped with native drive Z-axis and expandable A-axis interface, it can be used to transform Z-axis and expand other motor functions. The new BLE stable wireless control solution replaces traditional card insertion manual control solution, and can complete wireless real-time control and offline control directly through NEJE software, LaserGRBL, and Lightburn, greatly improving efficiency and saving time. Standard Door, M7, M8 expansion interfaces can be used to expand automatic air assist, automatic smoke exhaust, automatic lighting, and automatic safety sensing stop functions. This saves operating time and improves the ability of laser multi-layer automated processing.


3MaxV2 can use almost all accessories applicable to NEJE Max 4. You only need to pay attention to the matching voltage to complete the construction of a professional laser system and build a more safe and professional laser equipment. The NEJE team will also develop more features and compatible accessories for the NEJE 3MaxV2 framework to enhance user value.

Compatible with almost all NEJE laser modules

The NEJE 3 Max V2 is compatible with almost all NEJE laser modules, etc., supporting 12V and 24V voltage outputs. The mechanical strength and precision design of the frame structure are suitable for controlling high-power and compatible with more complex process module modules The NEJE team will also continuously provide more replaceable module accessories for Max4, Including 40W optical power industrial module and other functional modules, reducing user usage costs and improving production efficiency. It should be noted that the input voltage (12V or 24V)=laser module voltage=electromagnetic control valve voltage.


Frame Size (L – W – H): 970x582x60mm
Working Area( X – Y): 790 x 470mm, Extends to 790x1030mm
X axis:Industrial straight track, bottom CNC straight line correction
Y axis:NEJE diamond CNC linear track, smooth and durable
A axis:Rotary axis expansion
Y axis Extension: Yes, NEJE will provide linear extension track, and the Y axis can be extended to 1030mm.
Limit Switch: Build in X Y
Homing Repeat Position Accuracy: 0.01mm
Repeat Position Accuracy: X Y: 0.01mm
Recommended acceleration and top speed: 400mm/s
Vertical Carving: Yes(90°)
Accuracy: 2032 dpi (80 pixels per mm) 
Input Voltage: 12V or 24V, Match according to module voltage
Interface: 5.5*2.1, Max 6A
Compatible: all 12V and 24V NEJE modules
M7,M8,Door Extension: Yes
Lightburn Wireless Control and Offline Control: Yes
Lasergrbl Wireless Control and Offline Control:Yes
BLE Wireless Control: bluetooth 4.0, Support Windows 10, iOS 8 and Android 4.2 and above.
App control: Yes
MEMS protection: Yes
NEJE Software OTA Upgrade: Yes
Software: NEJE Win Soft, NEJE APP, Lightburn, LaserGRBL
Firmware: build in NEJE fireware and GRBL 1.1f(optimized)
Systems Support: Win 7/Win 8/Win 10, Android, iOS, ipadOS, macOS
File Format Supports: GC/SVG/DXF/JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/TIF/etc.

Industry-leading performance and quality

Unique High-Performance Optical Design - The Matrix Photosystem

A resulting in high-quality laser engraving and cutting performance. The matrix photosystem design allows for precise control of the laser beam, ensuring that it is evenly distributed and focused on the desired area. This improves the energy efficiency of the system, as less power is wasted on unnecessary areas.

Additionally, the focus size of the laser beam is optimized to be as small as possible, allowing for intricate and detailed engraving. This is particularly important when working with small or delicate materials, as it ensures that the laser does not damage or burn surrounding areas.

The XY symmetry of the matrix photosystem design ensures that the laser beam is evenly distributed across the entire working area. This eliminates any inconsistencies or variations in engraving or cutting depth, resulting in a uniform and professional finish.

Overall, NEJE's unique matrix photosystem design sets it apart from other laser engraving systems by maximizing energy efficiency, focus size, and XY symmetry. This leads to exceptional engraving and cutting performance, making it a preferred choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Unique hard material cutting performance and detail

Matrix optical compression technology can increase the energy density of diodes to the highest level and achieve relatively more perfect angular symmetry.This technology can effectively improve the energy density of the focal point, and has absolute advantages in engraving metal and cutting details compared to other 20W/30W/40W laser modules with reflective stacking power.

And the NEJE E80 beam has better symmetry,it has more uniform energy in the X and Y direction when cutting circle,avoiding situations where only one direction cuts through.This design feature enables the E80 to have better detail expression and cutting ability when cutting materials such as stainless steel,plywood,MDF(video),leather,etc

Higher detail expression and faster carving speed

Matrix optical compression technology makes the focal point of NEJE E80 0.06x0.06mm,the symmetrical XY shape make it achieve the ultimate in engraving and cutting performance and the power density reaches 6666W/mm²,Compared with other 40W(output) module,power density:1777W/mm²(0.15x0.15mm,8xLD,Current highest power),the performance of E80 is higher than the 40W module.Due to the extremely strong power density and optical design (symmetrical XY shape),NEJE E80 has more excellent performance.

With such high energy performance,the NEJE E80 module has almost achieved the mechanical performance of belt drive to its limit.when engraving on canvas,a speed of 400mm/s is quite normal.

More efficient cutting performance of thick materials

17mm Pine Board Cutting, 2 pass, 300mm/min video
( We upgraded the short nozzle to finish the test. For original nozzle, the test result is : 2 passes,300mm/min )

10mm Plywood Cutting, 1 pass, 280mm/min video

The E80 has extremely strong optical quality,which is reflected in the good symmetry and minimal focus of XY.Through the MAX 4 motorized Z-axis layer by layer control,precise control of minimum cutting amount,which leads to more efficient cutting.Even though the NEJE E80 only has half the power of 40W,its efficiency is twice that of 40W.Will this overturn your understanding of laser modules?

Less carbonized substances and smoke and risk of fire

The excellent optical design and multi-layer working mode of the NEJE E80 module enable the maximum reduction of carbonization substances and prevent fire when cutting wood.The ordinary refractive 20W/30W/40W laser module generates more carbonization substances,smoke,and risk of fire when cutting

Red copper efficient heat dissipation system

A red copper efficient heat dissipation system is designed to effectively dissipate heat generated by electronic components, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity. The use of red copper in the heat dissipation system helps maintain stable and continuous power output.

Long Lifespan

The design difference between NEJE 80 industrial modules and other high-power modules is a module’s performance.
NEJE E80 takes the pursuit of long lifespan and high performance as the design concept,and chooses the most difficult manufacturing scheme.We believe that the lifespan and performance of the module is the real value for the user to buy the E80 module,which makes the E80 have no advantage in power.The reason for E80's stronger performance than other 6xLD and 8xLD is that we did not choose 8xLD or 6xLD to release new products relatively quickly for marketing gimmicks.Or destroying the original LD structure and reflective structure scheme to quickly manufacture new products.This may quickly obtain users.But this is against the values of the NEJE team.
The safety consideration of the high-power model is also a special emphasis of the NEJE team. The high-power model is particularly easy to burn during operation.It eliminates the need to optimize the focus and angle during the design process.NEJE Max 4 motorized Z-axis can be better to safely control high-power modules.

Warranty Statement: 2 Years(If the laser module works 8 hours per day,the lifespan will be 7 years)
Under appropriate working conditions,the service life can reach 5 years,meanwhile,the left power is about 70%. Please pay attention to moisture-proof and dust-proof treatment. Make sure the air goes into the module without water and oil.The len needs to be cleaned regularly. The lens does not belong to the free warranty. The NEJE's free after-sale policy must meet the conditions of non-human disassembly and misoperation and use under the correct conditions. For more details please check in web.
Register Your SN Code to Ensure 2-Year-Warranty:

High-quality accessories designed to be compatible with various types of air sources and materials of varying thicknesses. These accessories boast a spare lens with 99.99% transmittance and exceptional resistance to temperatures up to 1000 ℃. The replaceable lens design enhances the durability of the module.

Laser Light Shield

The E80 original laser module has a unique shading design, as it adopts a new and efficient heat dissipation structure design. The traditional red acrylic laser module may make the overall structure look unattractive and bulky. The new sliding up and down shading ring of E80 greatly enhances its appearance, making the overall appearance more technological. In the cutting process of conventional thickness materials, the shading design can block the overflowing light and improve the operating experience in an open environment.

The difference between E80 and 6xLD/8xLD

Design DifferenceNEJE E80 4xLDOther 6xLDOther 8xLD
Light sourceNichia original top LD, Collimating light sourceRemove the LD protective cover and re-seal the LD, DivergentRemove the LD protective cover and re-seal the LD, Divergent
Light pathArray lens compressionReflective focus(The reflective angle is very large,can't get small focus, and the material is particularly easy to catch fire)Reflective focus(The reflective angle is very large,can't get small focus, and the material is particularly easy to catch fire)
Light source life20000 hour2000 hour2000 hour
Thermally conductive materialRed copperAluminumAluminum
Working hours limitUnlimitedContinuous work fast decayContinuous work fast decay
Fan Status ControlEngraving and light cutting status Low speed (quiet), high speed for continuous cuttingNoNo
Temperature feedbackYesNoNo
Quality Tracking2-year standard after-sales service process, commodity ID registration system.NoNo
Focus size0.06x0.060.15x0.150.15x0.15
X:Y AngleX = YX ≠ YX ≠ Y
17mm pine board cutting speed2.5 pass,100%,300mm/min6 pass,100%,300mm/min5 pass,100%,300mm/min
Engraving speed(canvas)> 24000mm/s< 24000mm/s<24000mm/s


MaterialMarking Carving  Cutting Setting Guide  
Pine board 12mm Cut capacity: 120mm/min 1pass 100% 30psi 
Pine board 17mm 200mm/min 2pass 100% 30psi (NEJE Max 4) 
Solid wood (Spruce Plank) 30mm Cutting materials with a thickness greater than 18mm, it is recommended to replace the short air nozzle.
Birch plywood 5mm Cut capacity: 300mm/min 1pass 100% 
Birch plywood 10mm 300mm/min 2pass 100% 30psi (NEJE Max 4) 
Birch plywood 18mm Combined with Max 4 electric Z-axis progressive focus control, it significantly improves the efficiency and safety of thick material cutting. NEJE.WIKI provides operational guidance.
MDF board 5mm 
MDF board 8mm 30psi+
MDF board 18mm 
Acrylle black 5mm 
Acrylle black 10mm 
Acrylle black 18mm 
Acrylle black 30mm 
Brushed Acrylle transparent Compared with CO2 laser, E80 has advantages such as almost 10 times the lifespan, safe operation, and more precise carving effects, but is not good at cutting transparent materials.
Leather<2mm 30psi+
Leather<4mm Due to the extreme small focal point and XY directional symmetry of the E80 module, there is a significant advantage in leather carving and cutting effects.
PU/PVC Leather<2mm 30psi+
PU/PVC Leather<4mm 
Corrugated cardboard <8mm Including white corrugated cardboard 
Corrugated cardboard <18mm 
Hard Cardboard 1.5mm 
Hard Cardboard 2mm 
Hard Cardboard 3mm 
Scratch paper
Weeding invitation paper 0.5mm
Colord A4 Paper - not white 
A4 Paper white The 450nm wavelength band has poor carving effect on white materials due to wavelength determination.
Kraft paper 0.5mm 
Vinyl30psi+, may produce harmful gases, recommended NEJE MAX 4+BLADE
Fabric polyester 
Fabric synthetics 
ABS sheet <2mm - Dark Color 
PVC sheet 2mm - Dark Color 
Plastic white paint
Brushed glass 
Brushed ceramic 
Stainless steel Excellent grayscale and color engraving
Stainless steel 0.1mm30+psi
Anodised aluminium 
PCB board Actual carved paint layer
Paint metalActual carved paint layer
Paint canvas
Stamp rubber 
Rubber black
Black foam ( EPE )
KT board white×
EVA foam black 


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NEJE Artist Work Display

Marcel Wesseloh

My name is Marcel Wesseloh.I am a qualified electrician.

Working with a diode laser has become my hobby for a few years. I bought a very cheap laser four years ago. At some point I had too little performance.
Then I saw the NEJE Max 4 with the E80 module in an advertisement.Which I then ordered.
This laser is in a completely different class.The performance is really impressive.Due to the variable Z axis (which makes permanent focusing possible) it is possible to cut wood over 20mm.
A truly reliable and impressive device.Would recommend to anyone looking for a reliable, powerful and affordable diode laser.

Zagu Ciprian

I am head of financial services from Romania.

I purchased a Neje 2s max and a 40640 laser a year ago,Neje îs my first laser, with laser I do extra good time and make extra money.
My pricipal income from laser comes from stone and canvas engraving.
NEJE made positive changes in my life or economy,this little thing can make a lot of good things.
Next month I think I will make an upgrade to NEJE 4 Max E80 laser.

Stefen Marc Anderson

I've been using the machines for two years I started with a 2 Max and at the moment I'm using the NEJE Max 4 with the E80
On my facebook group "level one art laser" or on page "stefen marc anderson" the NEJE 3 Max is a machine that is good quality and easy to work with the A40640 laser and lightburn
I make creations on all types of support on canvas wood ceramics on slate on mirrors on acrylic
The NEJE main machines bring added value to my creations as well as a speed of work.
So far no problems with the NEJE machines.

Don Gamble

I bought a neje max 3 in April 2022 because the size was awesome at that time and laser head worked well.
Cutting was a little slow, so six months later, I upgraded it with the A40640,and it's awesome.
I have had almost zero issues using my max 3.
I make gifts for family and sell other items I make with it.
Clocks, memorial plaques, games, and just about anything I can come up with.
The greatest value I see is price. I feel they are well priced for the size of the machine,you can get the max 4 looks awesome.
I have recommended to others to check ou the NEJE lasers.

Erik Plischke

I got my first NEJE a month ago
I use it to create prototypes or physical products of my digital art
The ingenious thing about the NEJE is the Motorized Z-axis, the extremely powerful E80 module and the extended working space. I hardly have to rework the machine after cutting.The module just comes through where it's supposed to come through to my bio.
I started designing digital art at the beginning of the year especially for laser cutters. I have specialized in multi layer designs.
My shop is on etsy.
NEJE is the perfect machine for me to expand my digital business into a physical business and to offer my designs to a customer base that does not have lasers.

Nikolay Stoev

2 years since I have the NEJE 2S MAX with A40640 module, during that time I have only had minor problems.
Thanks to the support provided by the NEJE team, everything was resolved, they even replaced my motherboard. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the machine and the support provided.
The laser does a flawless job, my module is extremely good, especially after the upgrades.
When buying a new laser, I won't even wonder if I buy from NEJE.
I just want to say a huge thank you NEJE. You have helped me realize each of my projects with impeccable precision and quality!

Dean Napp

I have been using NEJE machine since 2019.

I purchased NEJE Max the first month it was available and have been engraving full time since then.

Thanks neje in my laser journey. I design and illustrate electric laser images and make photo etchings in wood.

NEJE is my favorite and only laser machines!

Michael Hubbard

I bought my NEJE Master 2S Max in November of 2021. I use it to cut Baltic Birch plywood and MDF, and to engrave.

The main product I make are 3D bathymetric maps. But I also make wooden Christmas ornaments, plaques, legend plates, etc. I bought my NEJE Master 2S Max, because I thought it would give me the most bang for the buck, and I was right.

The large engraving area doesn't limit me to smaller projects. It has been trouble-free for the 2 years I've used it.

Peter Kubek

I have a company as a car service and tire service for motorbikes and cars 🙂
Laser is just my hobby.

I used 3 max 2 years,then I bought 4 max and extended it to 1030x750mm.

I use NEJE machine to make others happy 🙂.

It gives me the opportunity to use my creativity for the joy of everyone.

Yann Charrier

I am french and my english is so so.
I use NEJE 2s max with extension since about 2 years.
I am a street and graffiti artist.
845x635 mm I work on paper or wood cardboard, a special non-chlorinated fine art material traditionally used to make models,
but I've changed its use to make relief paintings or laser-cut marquetry.
I'm basically a stencil specialist.I used to spend a lot of time cutting my stencils,but now with my Neje laser,I can devote more time to drawing because the laser takes over the cutting.I enlarged my laser to 800x1000 with the extension kit,assembly is easy.

NEJE Group Contributor Weekly Ranking


NEJE Team focuses on diode laser machines, laser modules, accessories, services, and solutions.
We provide artists, merchants, handicraft enthusiasts, and educational institutions with more creative, high-quality, and efficient art tools.
Since 2013,NEJE Tools have been sold to over 100 countries and areas,served over 1 million users in the world with five-star customer feedback. Being the most widely used diode laser tools,NEJE is the only company who has been fully developed and manufactured independently.

NEJE team has its own optical laboratory and module manufacturing factory, as well as a team of electronic, mechanical, and software engineers. Our engineers and R&D Team focus on the most advanced technology in diode laser and NEJE Tools are high-performing and stable. We design and manufacture top-level optical modules and control equipment, and complete overall testing of product mechanical equipment. The NEJE team has built a complete service system to provide users with comprehensive product and service guarantees.

Whether you use wood, acrylic, metal, canvas, slate, glass, etc. Used for engraving, cutting, 2D patterns, 3D patterns, or cylindrical objects. NEJE Tools can provide different styles of laser engraving machines to meet all your needs.


NEJE already produced and manufactured a series of modules from B30635 to E80. NEJE researches and develops various optical characteristic modules to make the engraving and cutting process more precise and professional. Ten years of technological accumulation have enabled Neje to maintain a leading position in the practicality and safety of Diode Laser. NEJE adheres to long lifespan and high performance in diode laser design. Long Lifespan and stable performance are the most prominent values of NEJE laser modules. Each NEJE laser module has a guaranteed registration ID, which ensures two years of free After-Sales Service worldwide.

Wireless control

After 10 years of software development, the NEJE team has seamlessly integrated the characteristics of Diode Laser with mechanical and third-party software. The NEJE R&D team has developed a reliable BLE wireless control system, and with the help of NEJE APP, NEJE Win Software, and NEJE Software Bridge, it has achieved wireless real-time control of devices using laserGRBL and lightburn software. Greatly improving operational efficiency, portability, and user experience.

Fully automatic control

NEJE team delves into the problems encountered during the process of using diode laser for artwork creation and carefully listens to the artist's suggestions. Based on the characteristics of Diode laser, the NEJE R&D team has developed a complete set of automated control systems, including automatic air assist, multi-layer focus automatic setting, automatic smoke exhaust function, safety system settings, and other functions.


Under the demand of mass production, NEJE software has implemented wireless offline control function,which is easy to operate. This easily enables one computer to simultaneously control countless NEJE devices of different models, helping you save a lot of computer investment, time, and labor costs.


NEJE team has been continuously listening to user feedback and opinions over the past decade, optimizing the product experience and enhancing software functionality. NEJE will provide software and firmware upgrade services to global users.


  • NEJE has set up warehouses in Germany, the United States, China, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil, etc., to serve users more quickly.
  • You can find the following information at NEJE WIKI Service: Software Download | Installation Guide | Air Assist Guide | Software Instructions | Firmware Update Guide | Focus Guide | Laser & Material database | Maintenance Guide | Safety attention.
  • Join NEJE Group and learn more about laser knowledge of handling various materials.
  • For product operation questions, please log in: NEJE Document Service.
  • If you need to submit product after-sales questions, please log in to the NEJE Forum Service ( The NEJE forum will have NEJE staff and engineers to help you solve your problems.
  • NEJE provides comprehensive video tutorial services, and we will respond promptly to your feedback.
  • If you have product and service suggestions, product shipping problems, wholesale, business cooperation, please contact NEJE online service.

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