NEJE Belt Tensioner for NEJE 3/2s Max and NEJE 3 Pro Laser Engraver Cutter

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Eliminate the deviation caused by the difference of tension in the Y1, Y2 and X axis directions of the synchronous belt.
Draw square box correction.
Rotate the bottom screw with a 2.5mm L-shaped Allen wrench to adjust the synchronous belt tension control with high precision.
Compatible with NEJE 2s / 3 Max, NEJE 3 Pro machine.
All-aluminum alloy integrated cutting and electroplating process, high precision and stable structure.

Packing list:

  • Belt adjuster x 3
  • Belt (3m) x 1
  • Allen key 1.5mm x 1
  • Allen key 2.5mm x 1
  • Allen key 5mm x 1