NEJE E80 Fixed-Focus Laser Module for Cutting and Carving - New Laser System - Hybrid Technology

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  • Hybrid compression technology makes the focal point of NEJE E80 0.1x0.1mm, and the power density reaches 2400W/mm², Compared with *tool 40W module,power density:1777W/mm² (0.15x0.15mm,8xLD,Current highest power) , the performance of E80 is 35% higher than the 40W module. Due to the extremely strong power density and optical design, NEJE E80 has more excellent performance when the power is halved. Compared with other 20W modules, NEJE E80 has great advantages in terms of lifespan and performance.
  • The E80 is a 4xLD module designed primarily for large stock removal and powerful cuts, yes it's a cute and rough guy, powerful but attention to detail. HYBRID Technology (Non-Destructive FAC and Combined Compression Laser System Technology) let the performance of E80 is much better than that of similar 20W and 40W laser modules, with smaller focus, smaller angle, XY symmetry, and differences in laser systems, which can bring a completely different experience, not easy to catch fire and cleaner edges , it can even cut high density materials without air assist, for cutting thick wood, this module may be revolutionary. E80 has very reliable stable performance and longevity at the same time, the service life is longer than Ordinary 20W modules are 50% higher, material process selection, thermal calculation and testing, NEJE has experienced 3 years of reliable verification testing and 10 years of manufacturing experience, summed up the design experience of diode lasers to create a reliable E80.

  •  NEJE summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of various optical system design methods. After 3 years of research, a perfect 20W laser system with complex and unique technology is finally adopted. The new laser system adopts external FAC and lens compression composite technology. The complexity is more than 3 times higher than that of ordinary 20W modules, so it has better optical characteristics than ordinary 20W lasers. X and Y have good symmetry in each focal length, and the focal energy density is 400% higher than ordinary 20W modules. , the divergence angle is reduced by 50%; and these can bring about cleaner cutting edges, faster cutting efficiency, not easy to catch fire, smaller smoke, more durable and reliable service life, and more comfortable experience. NEJE pursues perfect products and insists on 2 years of free warranty and establishment of a complete after-sales process. In order to maintain the goal of user value, we postponed the release of 20W-level new products for 2 years, but for the goal pursued by NEJE, we should insist on making a perfect module. You can start booking now, NEJE fans.

  •  NEJE will release more videos to beginners. In fact, we only released a short test video, which can explain many things. The symmetry of XY, the focus power density, and the divergence angle. This is to complete the cutting of medium density plates without the assistance of home air. If the 20W modules of other families are tested, most of them are directly on fire, which is the difference.


    Optical Power: Pulse 24W, CW 21W
    Focus Size: 0.1×0.1mm 
    Input: 24V 5A
    Interface: 4pin PH2.0 + ( 2pin DC 24V extra power)
    Weight: 600g
    Number of Diodes: 4
    PWM Input: VPP(3.3-24V), Recomend 1KHz,
    Quiet Design: Drive the built-in control ic, judge the working state and adjust the fan work
    Adapter Pluga: 5.5 2.1 port
    Working Voltage: DC 24V
    TTL&PWM Modulation: YES. Compatible with Both TTL & PWM Modulation
    Input Interface: PH2.0-4Pin (+,-, PWM/TTL, Temperature), 3Pin (+,-, PWM/TTL) , 2Pin+2Pin (+,-) + (PWM/TTL,-)

    Warranty: 2 Years


      Q: Will I have to do anything for it to fix to the NEJE 3 max?

      -NEJE 3 Max V1.1 and above can support this module, 24V5A power supply (please pay attention to the motherboard version).

      Q: Any power test will happen? It is saying 24w?

      -Optical power 24W, electrical power 80W. 

      Q: Iwould this fit straight into the existing frame for a40640 master 2 max?

      -NEJE 2S Max is not not supported, if you have NEJE 2S Max, then you need to upgrade to NEJE 3 Max. NEJE 3 Max is supported, but you need a 24V power supply for E80 laser module.

      Q: The atomstack 130w laser module is the same?

      - The NEJE E80 is different from other 20W ( 130W is the power adapter) modules. The use details vary greatly. If only the power is available, the NEJE can be sold three years ago. Those who have used Xtool or At can see four beams of light with a large focus. These optical systems are simply stacked. The NEJE uses more complex optical systems inside. The reliability and performance are different. Maybe time will prove everything. NEJE has established a 2-year warranty after-sales process, and we don't want to have any loopholes in our products. I suggest you refer to the actual work effect. NEJE will update more actual carving and cutting videos of different materials later, which you can pay attention to it. If you are also attracted to the 130W power adapter, they succeeded. I can't describe professional optical engineering design, maybe NEJE needs to provide more material processing videos to describe these different supports. Too many cool videos and parameters are very popular among users, and NEJE is also very helpless. NEJE focuses too much on the perfect optimization and reliability of products and ignores marketing. Fortunately, NEJE has the support of too many professional users. 

      Q: whats is exctaly HYBRID TECHNOLOGY?

      In fact, this problem is more complicated. I still try to explain it as much as possible. The ordinary module only uses FAC lenses to piece together 4 lights, which will cause a problem. The included angle is relatively large and the focus is relatively large. Of course, if compared with CO2 laser, This is still acceptable, but there is a fatal problem with this solution, that is, the life of the LD will be destroyed, which is the reason why NEJE has not launched new products; but NEJE E80 adopts a more extreme solution, and NEJE adopts a more advanced external FAC, first combine the two beams, and then combine them again through the lens system. This way the angle of light is smaller and the focus is smaller. Two lens technologies are applied here, and the manufacturing process is much more complicated. However, the effect is very different. In fact, the manufacturing cost of E80 will be higher than other 20W lasers (optical power), but NEJE is the manufacturer, and other merchants are third-party modules purchased by marketing companies, which is also the advantage of NEJE as a full-stack design and manufacturing, and why NEJE can The reason for providing standard after-sales process. I really want to tell users, don't just look at the parameter of power, do users only need the laser to burn?

       Q:lf I connect the (futur) E80 with the 24v power supply in my NEJE 3 max, canyou confirm the NEJE air valve AF3 and the relay continue to work fine ?
      i see 3 options:
      1) Power on M7 and M8 NEJE modules connectors are still 12v even if themain NEJE 3 MAX board is powered in 24v
      2) NEJE AF3 and relay modules can work in 12v or 24v.
      3) NEJE AF3 and relay modules can not work in 24v.

      -The relay can normally use 24V power supply. If you need to use the air valve, it is recommended to replace the 24V power supply. The gas valve can also be powered by 12V for short periods of time. Over time, increased temperatures may affect the life of the air valve.


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