Laser Switch / Test Board For NEJE Laser Module

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For Laser Module with Adapter

Please do as follow:

  1. Do not connect the laser module, only connect the 12V power supply to the adapter board
  2. Now connect the 4P wire to the laser module
  3. Press the test button on the laser adapter board


In step 1, the red LED on the adapter board will light up. After connecting the laser module in step 2, the blue LED will flash, the fan of the laser will rotate, and the LED on the laser will flash. Fan may off after 1 second. In step 3, when you press the test button, the laser will work at full power.

  1. Power input: DC 12V
  2. Output: PH2.0 4pin (12v,GND,PWM/TTL,Temperature)
  3. mode: 3 modes (off, manual PWM, PWM / TTL in)
  4. temperature display: YES
  5. PWM display: yes
  6. Manual PWM control: YES
Package Included
  • 1 x 4 Pin Cable
  • 1 x NEJE interface tranfer board
  • 1 x 3pin input cable
  • 1 x 2pin TTL cable