Plywood House Cut|DXF File|Wood,Art,Diy Gift

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* This is not finished product *
This is a dxf with maximum quality for NEJE laser engraver machine,which is suggested to work on NEJE MAX4 & E80,NEJE 3 Max V2 & E80. After unzipping you will have dxf format for you to engrave.

Digital file type(s): DXF file*1
Material: 4mm plywood

***Instant Download*** 
1.After payment click 'Download Now' and you  can directly download the file in *.rar format.We will also send a file download link to your email address.
2.Import the file to Lightburn after decompression,and then you can make the project.
3.If there is a problem downloading the file,feel free to contact us. 

We do not accept cancellations or returns for Digital File Products.

This product is designed for NEJE laser machine.We are not responsible for any issues that arise when you use other laser machine or modules to make this project.

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